Why you should be taking a green supplement

Green supplements have been taking the natural health world by storm the past few years. If you’re not on the bandwagon yet, you probably fall into one of two camps… Maybe you haven’t heard of them… or you have but, well, like a lot of folks, you don’t find green foods all that appetizing, so…


Natural fixes for foggy brain

If you live with a chronic medical condition, you probably know the term “brain fog” all too well. In fact, people with chronic illnesses, ranging from autoimmune issues like multiple sclerosis to fibromyalgia and even diabetes and cancer, know all too well that poor concentration and mental sluggishness can be as debilitating as the disease…

Woman holding glass of water taking pill

Are your supplements working?

If you’re one of the majority of U.S. adults who now take at least one vitamin supplement per day, you’ve probably wondered how to tell if they’re working. After all — from vitamins C and D to echinacea, fish oil, CoQ10 and probiotics — if you’re spending hard-earned money on supplements, you want to know…