New York COVID-19, reveals city’s broken heart

My cousin lives in New York City. He moved there right after college and has never wanted to live anywhere else since. He loves the city, the pace of life there, the people and the cultural opportunities. Yet when I talked to him on the phone yesterday, there was only sadness in his voice. The…


5 facts about coronavirus you may have missed

It’s hard to get away from breaking news on coronavirus. It’s everywhere… on television, Facebook, Twitter… there’s no escape. And of course, you’ve been hearing plenty about it from me… I hope that’s OK and that you understand where I’m coming from. The information keeps coming — and because it does — it’s not easy…


Pre-existing lung conditions increase risk of COVID-19

My husband has asthma. He’s a first responder which puts him in close contact with a lot of people daily. We recently found out my oldest son doesn’t make the proper antibodies to protect him from respiratory infection after four bouts of tonsillitis last spring. The diagnosis was honestly no shock since he’s been prone…


COVID-19: Special alert from Virginia

You’ve been in my thoughts all weekend. I’m sure like me, you’re worried about what to expect as this unprecedented health crisis unfolds. And it is unfolding quickly and changing daily. It’s important to stay aware… in particular of what is going on in your local area. But I also ask you to stay alert…