Coronavirus: Is your immune system up to snuff?


It’s been a tough week. A longtime friend passed away. To say it came as a shock is an understatement. His cause of death — pneumonia.

It took him about 10 days to succumb, many of which were spent on a ventilator. He was tested for coronavirus several times. Each time the test came back negative.

In the end they determined the cause of death to be from an “unknown virus.” I’m not going to speculate what it was that got him in the end, but it clearly ended inconclusively.

But it is clear his immune system was unable to mount the defense it needed to overcome his illness.

My friend was larger than life and always the life of the party. In the pub, he was the guy in the corner surrounded by a huge group of people… drink in hand… a big smile on his face… telling stories, which was one his favorite things to do.

But he didn’t only have the gift of gab… he was a very gifted writer and he taught me (and many others) to write clearly and eloquently and how to keep the attention of the reader. I studied his writing for 20 years.

He was a teacher, a mentor and a friend to so many. If he talked behind your back it would be to offer praise or a compliment — never to criticize. He was everyone’s champion, a rare quality these days.

The last time I saw him he’d experienced a health scare and had finally — much to my relief — put his bad habits behind him. He’d stopped smoking, lost a considerable amount of weight and looked the best I’d ever seen him.

He adored his wife and was fiercely proud of his children. He will be missed by so many. And I honestly can’t believe he’s gone. It’s such a tragedy. He was too young… only in his mid-60s.

In this time, it’s so hard to watch families suffer. Whether it be from coronavirus, flu or an “unknown virus.” And I honestly fear these new types of viruses may be here with us for a while.

That’s why now, perhaps more than ever before, you must pamper your immune system.

America and the world at large are rampant with auto-immune disorders and immune system dysfunction. I believe our mass-produced food and toxic water supply is much to blame as well as additives, pesticides and the hormone-disrupting chemicals that permeate our lives.

And there are more people on immune-suppressing medications than ever before. You see commercials for them on TV daily. These drugs destroy your immune system’s ability to protect you in the event of a viral attack.

They’re prescribed when the immune system mounts an overactive response to an outside factor — such as a food or an allergen that causes an unneeded inflammatory response.

As long as that outside factor remains, the body will continue to mount an attack. Remove the factor and the body will stop attacking itself.

It’s a classic case of mistaken identity. Your immune system mistakes some other body tissue for the foreign invader and attacks that tissue as long as the invader is present.

In my case the invader is gluten. My immune system mistakes gluten for thyroid hormone. That results in a quite common condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

As long as I eat wheat and foods that contain gluten, my immune system attacks my thyroid hormone — and I have all the resulting unpleasant symptoms. When I stop, my thyroid hormone returns to normal.

When your body is under attack from your own immune system, inflammation is rampant and constant.

Not only does that leave you unable to muster the proper immune response to fight off viruses… it can also cause chronic pain.

Back pain, joint pain, hip pain, neck pain, elbow pain, bone pain… you name it! Pain, more often pain that cannot be explained by injury or wear and tear, is the result of inflammation and an overactive immune system.

I’ve watched this urgent viral situation escalate… and I recognize that many will be unable to muster the strength to beat it. And many will recover but not without a serious fight — and potentially lifelong consequences — simply due to poor immune health.

Many that experience daily pain do not even recognize their immune health may be to blame.

If you’re experiencing regular pain and discomfort, it’s time to recognize this as your immune system’s cry for help.

So, let’s talk about four important nutrients that can support a strong, healthy immune system and help promote joint and muscle comfort while targeting the underlying inflammation that’s the real cause…

#1) Black Cumin Seed Oil — Helps support and balance a healthy immune system!

This amazing oil helps keep your immune system in healthy balance to support a normal immune response.

It’s becoming known that inflammation is behind almost all age-related diseases including auto-immune disorders and pain. With age, the delicate balance between destructive and protective inflammatory response is weakened…

Long story short… long-term, low-grade inflammation weakens your immune system’s ability to properly respond to true invaders — like viruses and bacteria.

And as you know, you can’t survive or stay healthy without a strong immune system. It’s your body’s army that fights off enemies!

And studies support the claims…

Study reports 100% of joint sufferers report “significant improvement.”

In 2012, a 30-day study of 40 women with severe joint pain and discomfort showed impressive results. You see, after taking the active ingredient in Black Seed Oil, all the women — that’s 100% of them — reported “significant improvement” in their condition. They also experienced a reduction in joint swelling and stiffness — especially in the mornings!

Black Seed Oil targeted these women’s inflammation. That’s why their joint pain was improved.

#2) Turmeric Extract — Calms immune response and inflammation-promoting joint and muscle comfort!

Over 25 years ago researchers discovered a “fire alarm” in your body that detects health threats and sounds a warning. It’s a protein called Nuclear Factor-kappaB (NF-kB for short).

NF-kB acts as a master regulator to signal and turn on your body’s inflammatory response.

It works something like this:

You get stung by a bee — within nanoseconds NF-kB activates genes to create inflammation to help block the toxins, protect the injured area and start the healing process.

So, redness, swelling, throbbing, stiffness and pain are all symptoms of NF-kB activity.

When the sting receives care and the threat is under control, NF-kB activity shuts down in the area and the body returns to normal… at least that’s the way NF-kB activity is supposed to work!

However, scientists have discovered the older you get the more NF-kB activity starts to go haywire. Instead of shutting down after a threat, NF-kB continues to issue inflammatory signals.

That means the redness, swelling, throbbing and discomfort continue long after it’s necessary. This keeps your body in a constant state of low-grade inflammation. And it can also lead to chronic “old-age” problems with the heart, lungs, brain and joints.

Scientists still can’t figure out WHY NF-kB activity goes berserk as you age — but they did find a way to fix the broken NF-kB switch — Turmeric Extract.

Turmeric Extract has the ability to override the NF-kB switch. It can fix the broken “fire alarm” to support a healthy, normal inflammation response! In fact…

…A study from the Journal of Biological Chemistry shows the active ingredient in Turmeric Extract — called curcumin — can help block NF-kB activity.

What’s more, Drug Design, Development and Therapy found: “People using curcumin had improvements in pain, physical function and quality of life. The curcumin seemed to work in part by preventing the death of chondrocytes, which prevents loss of cartilage, and by reducing inflammation and free radical damage.”

#3) Ginger Extract — Targets the hidden source of inflammation!

The important role gut health plays in your overall health is becoming more commonly known. Poor digestion and gut inflammation can lead to everything from brain fog and immune problems to joint discomfort and muscle aches.

Poor gut health = poor immune health.

Over 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract. So, keeping your gut free from inflammation is a key to optimal immune health. Cutting-edge doctors are discovering a mostly unknown source of inflammation!

Addressing overactive inflammation can be deceiving. Your joints may hurt — but that pain is not the root problem — it’s a symptom. Or your lower back may ache — but the real cause may be something you recently ate.

When pain is the immune response, the cause is often concealed.

Many times pain can be attributed to… inflammation… chronic illness… immune imbalances… and food allergy… but the cause is actually hiding in your digestive tract!  This is attributed to “leaky gut.

Leaky gut can trigger inflammation and other overactive immune responses. Ginger Extract, a long-used digestive aide, can help soothe the lining of your digestive tract to help reduce the incidence of leaky gut.

According to the National Institutes of Health, “ginger extract and gingerol-enriched extract were each reported to exhibit analgesic and potent anti-inflammatory effects.”

Reducing inflammation — and boosting immune power in your digestive tract are powerful reasons to use Ginger Extract — but here’s another reason why it’s so great…

Ginger Extract ramps up the power of both Black Seed Oil and Turmeric Extract…

The synergy between these three nutrients is simply uncanny. Ginger, ramps up the anti-inflammatory power in Turmeric Extract and beefs up the immune-enhancing power of Black Seed Oil, but that’s not all…

The soothing power of Ginger Extract can protect a delicate stomach — and allow all three nutrients to deliver optimal immune and pain-soothing power — without upsetting sensitive tummies.

But those aren’t the only three nutrients I recommend when you are trying to bulletproof your immune system.

I also recommend a full therapeutic dose of 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (the sunshine vitamin).

Researchers have discovered when you boost your levels of Vitamin D3, inflammation is soothed and discomfort is better managed. Vitamin D deficiency is very common, even in people that live in year-round sunny climates…

It’s also linked to issues with mood regulation… and in these anxiety-driven times we can all use a little extra help with that!

Vitamin D3 deficiency is also linked to:

  • Increased susceptibility to illness and slow recovery
  • Fatigue and excessive tiredness
  • Recurring respiratory infection
  • Poor immunity
  • Slow wound healing

I’m sure you can now see why adding this therapeutic dose to your daily health and wellness routine is tantamount in these crazy times.

I’m so excited about this new formula that includes these four superstar nutrients to support immune health, a normal immune response and whole-body joint and muscle comfort.

I’ve noticed two nice side effects of our new social distancing practices that I honestly couldn’t have predicted…

I recently read that pet adoptions are way up — as much as 70% in New York and Los Angeles. Now that people are home more, they have time to provide for so many furry friends that have been sitting in shelters. It’s so heartwarming! And that means…

More people are exercising! I’ve never seen so many people walking, running and biking as I am right now. It appears this sequester has resulted in a desire to get healthy. And I honestly can’t think of anything better than that… as long as it’s done with others’ health in mind…

Because as you know… your virus is my virus… is your family’s virus… is your co-worker’s virus… is your neighbors’ virus… is your mail man’s virus… is your grocer’s virus… I’m sure you get my drift.

If you have this virus but aren’t showing symptoms, you can still give it to anyone around you… including the most vulnerable. So, hang in there… because it’s not yet time to let your guard down.

And remember, we’re here for you… answering every call… taking every order… and shipping every package.

If you’re like me, you’re hitting the “enough already” stage. And as antsy as I’m getting, I’m reminding myself we have a long way to go. This pandemic has no expiration date… no hard and fast date we can return to normal life… no date to abandon the social distancing practices we’re slowly learning to endure. So, stay vigilant because the coast is clearly not clear… yet.