Estrogen and men’s libido, body and health

As a man gets older, he might go from muscular and fit to a little more saggy around the middle.

A once virile man might see his libido lacking.

Health problems like diabetes and prostate issues may have crept up, seemingly overnight.

While many people, including doctors, may write these changes off as natural signs of aging, the truth is there could be one common cause behind it all.

It’s called estrogen dominance. It’s when levels of estrogen in your body are too high and out of balance with progesterone. It can happen to both men and women.

When it occurs in males, it can cause:

• Fatigue

• Low libido

• Decreased morning erections

• Decreased erectile function

• Higher levels of abdominal fat (that spare tire around the middle)

• Lower muscle mass

• Changes in the prostate

• Type 2 diabetes

• Enlarged breasts

Too much estrogen can cause some serious issues for a man, and you’ll probably be shocked at what makes the condition worse.

Hidden environmental estrogens and other causes of estrogen dominance

The answer is xenoestrogens — substances that mimic estrogens. Unfortunately, we’re surrounded by more of them than ever before.

These “fake estrogens” are from man-made chemicals found in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. They’re even found in our homes and cars. There’s no getting away from them.

In fact, a study by the Scripps Research Institute found that wheat, corn, barley and other grains are colonized by a xenoestrogen that is so powerful it can even block drugs used to treat breast cancer.

Multiple food additives are known xenoestrogens, as well. And Lord knows that it’s impossible to avoid them unless you’re growing your own food.

But not all causes of estrogen dominance come from outside forces.

As a man ages, his levels of an enzyme known as aromatase can go up. This is significant because aromatase actually converts testosterone to estrogen — so he could have higher estrogen levels than a woman does.

And the really nasty thing about estrogen dominance is that once a man’s estrogen level goes up, it just keep rising due to a faulty feedback loop.

Overcoming estrogen dominance

Although these problems aren’t necessarily easy to deal with, there are steps that can help a man feel and perform like his old self again.

Here’s what can help…

Step #1 — Lose some weight

Fat tissue contains aromatase which converts testosterone to estrogen, so it’s vital to lose weight in order to beat the estrogen dominance cycle. So, less fat equals less aromatase.

Step #2 — Add cruciferous vegetables to diet

Cruciferous vegetables neutralize fake estrogens and rid the body of excess estrogen. Ones to add to your diet include bok choy, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

Step #3 — Increase DIM

Di-Indole Methane, or DIM, is the phytonutrient that makes cruciferous vegetables such a powerful tool to combat estrogen dominance. Taking a DIM supplement is a great addition to dietary resources and is much easier for many men to stick to.

Step #4 — Improve methylation

Methylation is a biochemical process in your body that helps improve estrogen detoxification. For it to work, you need plenty of vitamin B12, folate, betaine and choline. The best dietary sources of these nutrients are quinoa, beets, eggs, spinach and fish.

Aging doesn’t mean a man has to suffer from low libido, a flabby middle and dangerous health problems. By getting rid of excess estrogen in his body, he can stay fit and healthy and maintain a good sex drive well into his golden years.