How green foods can keep pain from eating at you

I’ve lived with mild back pain on and off for years (most of the time more on than off in fact).

Yet, about a year ago something strange happened…

I was visiting a friend of mine who had often complained of the same type of pain when she told me that she no longer hurt — at all.

As you can imagine, I had to know what brought about the change. After all, anyone who’s ever lived with the same chronic pain knows that you’ll do just about anything to never have to suffer through it again.

When she told me how she overcame her pain, I was surprised but more than willing to give it a shot, especially since it didn’t involve taking any dangerous drugs with a laundry list of side effects like my medical doctor had often recommended I do.

Instead, it was something quite different…

Your body’s pH and inflammation

You may have heard the term “Alkaline Diet.”

If not, it’s easy to explain.

You may be familiar with swimming pools and how the water needs to be kept at a specific pH level to stay clear and clean and healthy to swim in. The pH is measured by dipping a strip into the water that reveals the acidity and alkalinity of the water.

Well, your body’s pH level can also be measured also, and depending on how the scales tip, it may have some surprising impacts on your health…

It turns out that the biggest contributor to the pH levels in your body is the food you put into it.

With an acidic rather than alkaline pH, your body’s acid-base balance is disrupted, and believe it or not, that can even make you hurt.

But, when your pH is more alkaline or basic, your health functions better.

In fact, that was my friend’s secret…

After seeing a naturopathic doctor, she had decided to alkalize her diet through the food she ate and the water she drank. Within weeks, she was feeling better — and now months later she swears she has eliminated her pain.

Amazing, right?

Well, I definitely thought so… but you know me. I had to see what the research has to say about it.

The research on pH

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, you know that I’m a stickler when it comes to research. So, while my friend’s personal account was impressive, I still needed more to go before I could share her story with you.

And I got it.

In fact, scientific studies have shown that supplementation with alkaline minerals increases blood pH and intracellular magnesium, which allows for the proper function of enzyme systems and also allows for activation of vitamin D.

This in turn has been shown to improve back pain.

In fact, one study found that of 82 patients with chronic low back pain who were given minerals to increase their alkalinity, and 76 experienced pain relief.

That’s over 92.6 percent!

I don’t know of any drug that can do that — at least not without side effects or threat of addiction.

That’s when I decided to try an alkaline diet for myself. And yes — I saw a definite improvement.

No more groaning when I tried to get out of bed in the morning or when straightening my back after hunching over a keyboard for too long.

Just relief!

Here’s how I did it…

Alkaline diet tips

First, I began drinking alkaline water instead of my regular filtered water at home. It’s water that has a higher pH than regular drinking water and you can buy it at specialty water stores and some grocery stores. Or, you can buy a water ionizer and make it yourself at home.

Next, I cut down on the acidic foods in my diet and ate more alkaline foods.

Acidic foods to reduce or avoid include:

• Caffeinated drinks

• Alcohol

• White foods like pasta, rice and bread

• Dairy products, like milk (not completely, though, because I know my heart needs dairy)

• Cold cuts and processed meats

Foods to add are:

• Fresh fruits and veggies, especially when raw, like celery, spinach, cucumber, kale, broccoli and avocado

• Beans like navy and lima

• Almonds

• Sprouts and seeds

The biggest drawback to an alkaline diet is getting enough of your alkalizing greens. I don’t like to hit the grocery store too often, and we all know leafy greens and sprouts don’t last that long, even in the crisper.

That’s why the convenience of powdered greens is a godsend!

Optimal nutrition and pH are a great way to get on top of whatever is eroding — and hurting — your health. It just makes sense.