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Dry eyes, dizziness and bleeding gums

I’ve finally started to return to my office after being cooped up for nearly 5 weeks. It’s hard to believe how long some of us have been “sheltering in place.” One thing I’ve noticed is just how many people are out exercising. I’m thrilled to see that so many people who lead really busy lives…


A brighter brain helps beat the blues

My family has only recently started to emerge from our quarantine after our experience of being sickened by coronavirus. And as I’ve explained in my previous updates, anxiety plays such a large role in the illness… simply because it keeps you guessing. Just when you think you’ve turned the corner and are getting better, it…

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Finally over the hump, just in time for my birthday

It’s been nearly four weeks since the first symptoms of “the COVID” hit me. And thankfully, I’m confident in saying I’m finally better. One hallmark of this virus I keep hearing about is the intense fatigue… and that’s in addition to the shortness of breath, which all four of my family members had even though…


To hell in a handbasket

If there’s one thing I’ve learned by going through COVID-19 with my whole family, it’s that the general medical community was completely unprepared. Now don’t get me wrong… emergency medicine has performed valiantly! I honestly can’t imagine being faced with the decision to protect my own health or jump into the deep end with both…


The elephant in the room

Since I revealed I tested positive for “The COVID,” I’ve gotten a lot of questions… so I want to address the “elephant in the room.” If you are a health researcher, a supplement formulator and founder of a supplement company… don’t you take your own products? And if you do, shouldn’t they have kept you…