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Beat diabetes and burn fat faster

Scientists may have discovered more reasons to love chocolate. You read that right… chocolate. And all I can say is hallelujah… because dark chocolate is one of my favorite treats! A new study has demonstrated the power of three compounds found in cocoa shells to not only reverse two major health problems that come along…

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The truth about an aspirin a day

Heart disease is a big deal in my family as it is in so many families in the United States. Heart attacks have stolen the lives of far too many of my relatives, while others have been forced to suffer through grueling open-heart surgeries and the difficult recovery that follows. So, not surprisingly, my doctor…

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The white meat myth?

You’ve heard how white meat is supposed to be better for your cholesterol than red, right? And who hasn’t heard the pork industry’s claim to fame, “the other white meat” commercials? It’s something that, like so many other Americans, I really bought into. In fact, even though I love a good juicy steak or hamburger,…