The weight loss super seed you should know about


If you’ve been struggling to lose weight (like so many of us are) you’ve probably tried everything.

From chugging apple cider vinegar and detox teas to soup diets and coffee enemas, there’s no shortage of fad diets or weight-loss formulas to choose from.

If you’ve been searching for your next weight-loss method, I’ve got one that’s actually backed up by science for you!

It’s been making a splash in the weight-loss world. It’s safe, doesn’t taste bad and is actually healthy for your whole body.

Sound good? Then read on to find out how you can add this little-known secret to your daily regimen…

Black seed: The golden oil

What I’m talking about is a golden oil that comes from the black seeds of the Nigella sativa plant — also known as black caraway or black cumin seeds.

You may be wondering if the seeds themselves are beneficial. The answer is yes. In fact, if you’ve ever eaten Indian or Middle Eastern food, you’ve probably had them before.

However, for most people they taste far too bitter.

The golden oil extract is a much better option. It’s something you can enjoy taking long term.

The oil has a peppery, slightly spicy flavor. You can add it to salads, raw veggies or even a green drink.

Or if you really want to make it easy, golden oil can be found in easy-to-swallow capsules, just like fish oil.

Golden oil use goes back to the times of the Egyptian pharaohs. They used it to aid digestion, to nourish skin and even to combat “sweet urine” (what we would think of as blood sugar issues).

In fact, it was so worshiped that they called it the Pharaoh’s Oil.

But while the Egyptian kings and queens loved it for all of those health benefits, it’s taken modern research to discover what may be its most popular benefit…

Metabolic factors and inflammation make it hard to lose weight

Research shows that black seed oil can be an effective part of a weight-loss plan because it affects metabolic health.

Black seed oil has been found to aid in the partial regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells, which synthesize and secrete insulin.

The same study also showed that the oil helps to lower serum insulin concentrations and even decreases your serum glucose, and better glucose control is synonymous with controlling sugary cravings.

As if that weren’t enough reason to want to give golden oil a try, a study published in Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine found that it’s packed with an antioxidant known as thymoquinone.

The scientists found that it had the power to lower the inflammation that both causes weight gain and prevents weight loss.

When you combine all of these factors, it’s easy to see why the black seed’s golden oil has been generating buzz in the weight-loss world.

Black seed oil is not magic, but it could help boost your weight-loss efforts when you eat right and exercise.

A small study in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that people who took black seed oil and did aerobic exercise showed better weight-loss results than people who did not take the supplement.

I was already a fan of golden oil because of all the reasons I wrote about in my article “5 powerful ways black see oil can make your health golden” — including supporting my immune system. If it helps me maintain a healthier weight… that’s just a cherry on top!