Get the Most From Your Supplement

3 Ways to Get the Most Benefit From Your Supplement


Start taking your supplements as soon as you receive them.

Don’t delay. Read the Suggested Use directions on the bottle and start taking it today. Take consistently every day at the dose recommended.


Take the supplements as directed.

Each Peak Pure & Natural® supplement is carefully formulated for optimum dosage and most are packaged as a 30-day supply. For best results, follow the Suggested Use directions on the bottle. If a bottle lasts more than a month, you’re not taking as directed.


Take the product long enough to see optimum benefits.

Health concerns develop over time. It takes time to restore your body to optimal health. Most customers report they start to see benefits after 90 to 120 days of consistent us as directed on the product label. That’s why our Guarantee is an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction. The longer you take the product, the greater the benefits.

But, in the unlikely event you’re not satisfied with your purchase, Peak Pure & Natural® Returns are Easy, Fast and Hassle-Free…